Weekly Weigh-ins :D

So I got this idea for my page from another blogger Meagan! She and I are on the same journey. My goal is to lose 40lbs by my 30th, so that’s about 10 pounds a month, and about 2.5 pounds a week (4 months)… I won’t be a Debbie downer if I don’t reach that, but I have to try to push for a high goal like this…. here I go!

Heaviest weight: 220lbs

Monday 8/13/12: 215.2lbs (starting weight)

Monday 8/20/12: 210.6lbs (4.6, but I say 5 to boost my ego)

Monday 8/27/12: 210.8lbs ( +.2, I am not worried about the number since I have also been lifting weights)

Monday 9/3/12: 207.4lbs (-3.4, finally)

Monday 9/10/12: (leaving for Dallas this week! will I fit the dress?) Didn’t weight myself!

Monday 9/17/12: 202.0lbs (-5, 🙂 )

Friday 9/21/12: 198.4 😀 ( -17 total – Yes I did it early, but I will again on Monday)

Monday 9/24/12: 196.8 ( -2.2 )

Monday 10/1/12: 194.6 ( -2.2 )

Monday 10/8/12: 192.2 ( -2.4 ) This week is 1 month on the progam 🙂

Monday 10/15/12: 189.2

Monday 10/22/12:

Monday 10/29/12:

Monday 11/5/12: This week will be 2 months on the program 🙂 !!! I can start adding to the food I eat, like DAIRY!!

Monday 1/14/12: 180.5 lbs (starting fresh weigh-in)

2 responses to “Weekly Weigh-ins :D”

  1. loseitbig says :

    It can be done. I am pulling for you and hubby (he gets to reap the benefits too) but, he also has to want to help. Good luck!

    • nikki8a says :

      Thanks! He has been a very big help too. He will workout with me when he has time… I am not worried about my weight number too much as I am my inches. Thanks for the support :)_

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