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Well Hello :)

Sorry to my followers, I know I haven’t been a good role model lately! But you know… I was taking a “break” from being good 😉 Well I gained about 8 pounds back since November… (I cheated A LOT). BUT I am shedding it off again!

Hubby and I got a gym membership and have been going early mornings since last Friday! It feels great…

I recently went Vegan, so I am eating a lot more healthy and I’ve noticed my stomach doesn’t hurt like it used to! I guess since I don’t have rotting meat sitting in my intestines anymore LOL!!!

I’m going to do a detox starting next Monday. Just a 3 day cleanse to remove all toxins. I have a juicer, and it’s super easy to do! I like to juice celery, spinach, carrot, a little ginger, half a tomato, and some lemon juice. It’s super good!

I’m also going to buy some stuff for hubby to get ripped 😉 He’s dedicated when he starts something so I’m so excited to see our beach bodies by summer time♥ I have been cooking really healthy too!

We have a little competition going on, whoever loses the most body fat and weight by the end of the month gets $100 to spend on whatever we want 🙂

Ok until next time, stay healthy my friends!!!!!!


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