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Well that went well!

Good evening followers of nikki8a 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great night. Well today I got off work a little earlier @3:20pm. Went to Wal-Mart and bought some groceries. Ground turkey, eggs, wheat buns, and milk…. was craving turkey burgers after this morning’s post lol! Well when I got home I put up the food, cleaned up after the dogs (they are pee pad trained) and then made my all natural energy drink. It came with the Insanity program. I waited about 30 mins, at the same time got dressed and then headed to the gym at my apartment. I jumped on the treadmill and chose cardio as my routine, set it at 3.0 and heart rate 154, incline adjusted randomly to keep my heart rate steady. Well here are my results after 1 hour……..

550 Calories, 3.11 Miles, 61.54 mins, 756 feet climbed

This photo was taken after the cool down, I walked a little more after this to make the calorie count an even 550 🙂 GO ME!! I didn’t even feel tired thanks to my drink!!! The only downside I have about working out, is that I have flat feet… so I did some searching around online and found this website: http://www.runningshoesguru.com/2009/04/the-best-running-shoes-for-flat-feet-summer-2009/ …… They have a list of shoes with ratings. I am definitely going to snag a pair! My poor feet ache after every walk.

When I got back home I did the Insanity, it is cooldown day. So I did 10 mins of it and stopped since it was already going to be 7pm and I still needed to cook dinner. So I did just that. Made turkey burgers. I had one with Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Buns, mustard, 2 slices of romaine lettuce, and a slice of pepper jack cheese, no sides 🙂 mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm! I split up the rest of the meat for sunday when I make the turkey spaghetti. Tomorrow will be spinach stuffed chicken with steamed white rice!

Ok so I told y’all I would post up a pic of the pants I used to wear and hope to fit back into.. so here they are…..

The ones on the left are an Express brand size 1/2 (I was 19 over 10 years ago) The ones on the right are size 11 no stretch (I was about 21 or 22)

So if you are wondering which ones I want to fit into, it’s the ones on the right 🙂 I got too skinny after high school, partied too much to eat. So that nikki wasn’t real healthy then. But at age 21-24 I was so healthy and looked great! Wasn’t that long ago… but it feels like I’ve been fat my whole life. Here’s a photo of me having a blast at my old apartment for my ex-boyfriends surprise b-day. I think I am a size 8 or 9 here…. MAYBE! I really don’t remember stuff like that, because back then I didn’t care too much. I do know that shirt is a medium from Express (my fave store btw).

I was 21 here? So long ago I don’t remember dates. He was turning 26 and he was born in 1977; I was born in 1982, you do the math I’m tired.

So the Dallas trip is coming up soon and I am so excited! I have most of it planned out, but not really. Hubby and I haven’t been anywhere since we got married over 2 years ago. I mean on any get-a-way type trip. This year will be the first year in 4 years we get a tax return!! So I am planning a cheap vacation for 7 nights somewhere we can drive to. I wanted to do a cruise, but I have my doggies and I don’t trust anyone taking care of them. No one loves them like I do except my husband, he knows how I treat them so I trust him. But he’s coming on vacation with me LOL so that won’t work! So somewhere there’s a Super 8 in the USA. If y’all have any good suggestions please let me know 🙂 I try not to plan too far ahead because something always goes wrong… but what I do know that on Sept. 11th for that night I want to wear this dress I bought at express a long time ago as motivation to fit into it (still haven’t)… Heres another pic for y’all …HAHA!

It’s a size 12 and the bottom is made of denim. It does NOT have an elastic waist, so I have to lose in order to zip it (side zipper). I hate side zippers, those little suckers are even harder to zip!

Well right now I am a 14/16 😦 Do you think I will lose enough in time??? I sure hope so! But if not I will have to wear an alternative until I can wear this dress… It’s not fancy, but I really like it for some reason. Well I am getting sleepy and I need my rest after that work-out.

Goodnight people!


Mornin’ want a kolache?

So this morning at work I get here and need a coffee, I forgot to take my vitamines so I’m feeling tired. I’m not sore today 🙂 A co-worker of mine bought me a kolache… sounds evil huh? Well since I didn’t eat enough calories yesterday, I will have this kolache (sausage, cheese, jalapeno) this morning so it’s burned off by the end of the day! Your body burns calories all day without you realizing it. I’m going to walk on the treadmill today, the heat is too much for me! Especially since I am not used to being outside. Houston, TX weather is bad and gets super hot!

Today I plan on taking breaks and walking the stairs at work. I brought a bag of Honey Nut Cheerios to snack on for fiber. Lunch will be a sandwich again, with my carrots. I don’t mind eating the same thing for a week. So next week will have to be gourmet salad for lunch! This weekend I am going to prep dinner for next week. I’ll just do Mon-Wed dinner so we can just heat it and go! I hate grocery shopping so I will conjure something up with what we have. But I do need to buy ground turkey for burgers and spaghetti.

If you need something simple for dinner, get some ground turkey and you can make regular things you used to. Buy whole wheat buns for burgers, and whole wheat spaghetti noodles and viola! you have yourself a healthy meal without trying too hard! I would get regular tomato sauce and season it, or they sell light ones. To be on an effective diet, watch the sugar grams and calories. My old trainer told me nothing over 2 to 3g’s of sugar. Sodium is tricky, but if you buy low sodium they usually up the sugar grams for taste.

I’m going to post a photo of the jeans I have that I’d love to wear again 🙂

Ok have a great day!

This will be me soon!

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