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Ok, I expected to be super sore after last nights workout…. (Insanity Challenge) incase you are just tuning in, but I’m only a little sore. Today is day 3 and I actually can’t wait to get home to work out!!!!! WHAT??? Well last night I couldn’t sleep so I started day dreaming about our Dallas trip…. I so need to look good, no, I HAVE to look good for that week. If I can keep my energy up throughout the day, I am going walking at the park when I get off at 4pm. Then take a nap and get ready for Insanity with Richard when he gets home around 7pm.

So I had a gym membership to 24 hour fitness…. but it seems that the one I was going to is for in shape people only. When you see women like this in there….

This is how they look at the gym.

I want to say that although this is motivating…. it isn’t at the same time! Do you know how many years it will take to get close to looking like that…

My goal really is to lose the pounds of fat first. I have a lot of muscle underneath from all the years of sports, and it’s bugging the hell out of me that I know how I used to look before. I know this will make me happy. I control my happiness at this point. There is nothing anyone else can do to help me. Happiness starts on the inside and out, and I haven’t been happy for a long time.

I say now that enough is enough. Well let me get to work.

Supposed to say STRENGTH but you get what they meant LOL…

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