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I think I’m on to something…

So it’s almost time to get off and I had a slightly busy day. Just thinking of going walking now. I think I really like blogging 🙂 I hope y’all like reading as much as I like typing HAHA. So this girl at work has been walking a lot and she is the one who really got me motivated again. She is doing a run in New York! I wish I could go but I don’t have $500 right now. Well my husband is a runner, and he leaves me behind when we go to the park, so it kinda sucks going alone. No matter how much I tell myself I don’t need anyone, it’s still always nice to have a buddy there.

One of these days I want to a run somewhere…. not yet though! I need to lose some body weight first so I can actually feel lighter when I jog. It’s harder when you have extra weight holding you back. The same thing for Insanity. It’s super hard to do the workouts if you have big heavy legs and stomach. So I have to do modified moves. If you are really big, I do not suggest Insanity until you drop some weight first. It is not a beginners program! They tell you that on the video disclaimer too. A lot of the moves are very advanced.

My eating has gone great today. Found out that 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat…. they say in order to lose 1 pound a week to burn 500 more than you eat? Sounds hard!!! So if I eat 1,000 a day, I have to burn 1,500 a day??? Or am I missing something? LOL. http://www.fitwatch.com/qkcalc/tdcn.html here is a good calculator to use.

Well guys I will talk to y’all later tonight!

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