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I know, I know….

So I know I told y’all I’d post Monday but I am a very busy lady ok? I just wanted to update you with my progress on the Sona Medi-Slim program. Ok, so I think I love it 🙂 If I told y’all how much I lost you would just die. But go check out my weigh-ins page for that. Anyway I got my vita shot today and they make me feel better, I mean not like by a lot just a little. If I don’t eat breakfast I feel tired all day too… so I must make it a point to wake up earlier. It’s very strange because I have been getting plenty of sleep the past week and for some reason I am still so tired.

Anyway here are some pics to enjoy of our Dallas trip 😛

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I haven’t been working out but I have been walking some. I am going back to the gym tomorrow for sure. Friday I have a meeting with my consultant, so I am pretty excited. Well have a great week!

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