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Mornin’ want a kolache?

So this morning at work I get here and need a coffee, I forgot to take my vitamines so I’m feeling tired. I’m not sore today 🙂 A co-worker of mine bought me a kolache… sounds evil huh? Well since I didn’t eat enough calories yesterday, I will have this kolache (sausage, cheese, jalapeno) this morning so it’s burned off by the end of the day! Your body burns calories all day without you realizing it. I’m going to walk on the treadmill today, the heat is too much for me! Especially since I am not used to being outside. Houston, TX weather is bad and gets super hot!

Today I plan on taking breaks and walking the stairs at work. I brought a bag of Honey Nut Cheerios to snack on for fiber. Lunch will be a sandwich again, with my carrots. I don’t mind eating the same thing for a week. So next week will have to be gourmet salad for lunch! This weekend I am going to prep dinner for next week. I’ll just do Mon-Wed dinner so we can just heat it and go! I hate grocery shopping so I will conjure something up with what we have. But I do need to buy ground turkey for burgers and spaghetti.

If you need something simple for dinner, get some ground turkey and you can make regular things you used to. Buy whole wheat buns for burgers, and whole wheat spaghetti noodles and viola! you have yourself a healthy meal without trying too hard! I would get regular tomato sauce and season it, or they sell light ones. To be on an effective diet, watch the sugar grams and calories. My old trainer told me nothing over 2 to 3g’s of sugar. Sodium is tricky, but if you buy low sodium they usually up the sugar grams for taste.

I’m going to post a photo of the jeans I have that I’d love to wear again 🙂

Ok have a great day!

This will be me soon!


nikki in the FLESH!

So…. let me start off by saying…. HELLO! Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog 🙂

Today is day one of the INSANITY 60 DAY CHALLENGE!! I did the fit test today, and I did OK, but my lower back around the tail bone area is always giving me problems…. so I didn’t get to do it to the full extent that they want you to. But I did TRY! Needless to say my Excedrin aspirin helped with the pain! Tomorrow I will take some before so I don’t feel like a quitter…. That reminds me of the quote I found earlier today and made my own version in paint to save as my wallpaper at work.

“If you are sick of starting over, you have to stop quitting”

I like that quote. Because it’s true! Every time I try something new, I end up slowly giving up!!! Like a big ol’ QUITTER… I hate that word. Sounds like FAILURE, and LOSER. All the same huh? I don’t know how many fad diets I’ve tried… but it’s always working out that’s gotten me the best results. Even though it takes time to get great results, it’s so worth it. I say this because I know how it feels to be in great shape. I wasn’t always huge, I was a little ol’ thing in High School up until I turned 25. When I met my husband, I wasn’t skinny, I was voluptuous 😉 About a year after we met I started packing on the pounds. Now I’m depressed and my whole life is obsessed with how I look. It’s come to the point where I won’t buy clothes, go out in public hardly, or to any social events. Sad. But I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself 😦 How could I have let it get this bad?? Well, life happens. To the majority of us!

I hope that posting this blog and photos will encourage me to keep on track. It will motivate me not to let you down, those who are following. If everyday people do it all the time, then I know I can too! I am watching what I eat. Not super veggied out, but portioning and making sure I drink plenty of water all day. These photos are from day 1 on Insanity workout challenge. Sorry to gross you out, but after all this is “nikki in the FLESH!”



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