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Holiday Hump is GONE!

Ok y’all so it’s been a while since I posted anything up lately.. I just wanted to say that my Holiday Hump is OVER!! Today I am back on track and sticking to it until I’m at my goal 🙂 It took about 3 months to lose 40 pounds last time, so I am predicting by mid April I will be at my goal!

I have gained about 4 pounds back in a little over a month 😦 But I am happy with that since I have been cheating super bad!!!! I’m talking fast food, cakes, mexican foods… yeah those things will get ya!

Today I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, I will fast for lunch since I need to clear my system. I will drink water all day. Then hen I get home around 4:30pm I will make an omelete, prepare my meals for tomorrow, then work out at around 6pm. Since It’s cold and rainy here, I will be doing one of my So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) videos! They are pretty fun 🙂 Now that I am 40 pounds lighter this should go a lot smoother LOL!

My husband is going to start his weight lifting program too! He wants to lose weight and bulk up. So, today I will research a plan for him 🙂


Out of the 190’s :D *Happy Dance*

Ok, so…. today I am 189.8, but I am NOT gunna say it officially until I am like 185 🙂 You know how weight fluctuates…. but I don’t care I am SUPER happy 🙂

Today my boss told me I looked so great, and she is a HUGE health nut! So it’s a really good influence for me. Having self-control is getting easier by the day. Like for example, someone brought BLUEBERRY MUFFINS for bfast here at work, and those are my absolute FAV!! But I didn’t get one. Then they had margaritas here at work and I controlled that craving :). I actually fit into these shorts that I have, and have had them in the closet 2 years!!! I am wearing them at work today. Don’t worry they aren’t short shorts lol. They are khakis and almost to the knee.

Well here is a pic of me, it’s not the best but you can see my shorts a little HAHA, ok better get to work.

Oh yeah.. and happy 10/11/12 🙂


I’m gettin it!

Ok , so now I know! I have to increase the heart rate setting in order to burn more calories!! So, here are my results. Pretty awesome huh? Just imagine climbing a 125 story building stairs… that’s what I just did!!

I have to report on my overall wellbeing. I feel great. I have been weaning myself off of coffee and it feels good. I drink so much water and sweat so much in the gym. Before, when I used to work out, I used to not drink water all the time.. like, I’d go for months on just tea and sodas. I couldn’t break a sweat in the gym. But now I do and I love it! Just sweating out all those toxins.

I made turkey spaghetti tonight with tomato spinach sauce :p came out so good! I made the sauce homemade and idk if there has ever been a thing like it…. but I love it! I like to invent stuff lol… I used basil and oregano leaves (just a dash). I’ll add it to my recipes later. Well I have to go, I am going to do some browsing online for some cute stuff to inspire me.

Mornin’ it’s Monday!

Well today was my weigh-in. This morning actually, they say it’s better to weigh yourself in the morning, after you use the bathroom. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day, so that’s why it’s not good to weight yourself ALL day. Don’t get stuck on the scale numbers… and try not to weigh yourself everyday either. I know I am bad about that, but this week I am going to try to make it until next Monday without checking 🙂 I hate surprises but this is a good one. It’ll teach me self-control.

If you would like to see my results, go check out my Weigh-In page. So I made an awesome dinner last night. Baked chicken with strawberry spinach salad. I made my own vinaigrette…. I used Honey, Chopped red onions, and Apple Cidar vinegar. Let the vinaigrette set for a few hours. Then just slice up the strawberries and throw em on top of the spinach leaves. It’s really good! Oh and add sliced almonds 🙂 Go check out my recipes tab for the full salad steps. Well have a great morning!!

This is burned into my brain. I have been doing so good, I am proud of myself 🙂

Alrighty then!

This is just by increasing the speed to 3.1 from 3.0! If 10ft = 1 story and I climbed 968ft/ 10, then I climbed 96.8 stories in an hour 🙂

Thought I’d post the photo first! I did pretty well today! Increased the speed by .1 and I burned 50 more calories and climbed about 200 more feet!! Yes I am excited lol 😛 As I said yesterday the incline adjusts to keep your heart rate at what you entered. My target heart rate is 153 to start off with. As days go on I will increase my heart rate so the incline will rise and I will burn even MORE calories. My goal is 1000 cal/per hr! It is doable. If you don’t sweat and feel hungry towards the end… you’re not doing it right.

So I made baked chicken and spinach with  chopped up boiled eggs… soo good! I use garlic salt and lemon pepper to season my spinach. It’s canned spinach, Popeye brand. Cooking healthy takes less prep time than cooking fattening. Really! Well excluding frozen food you nuke in the microwave. I try to stay away from heating things in the microwave.

I didn’t do Insanity tonight.. we are going to let my mother-in-law use it (it’s hers anyway) so I can cut down some fat. Like I said earlier, they are very advanced moves and my legs and stomach get in the way! The trainer on there says to keep good form, and I can’t. So I am going to keep walking all month to cut off some fat inches first! By that time she will be through with her first month.

“You’ve heard it a thousand times, “muscles weights more than fat“. It’s the go-to thing to say to someone when they’ve been working really hard, but the scale hasn’t moved. So let’s look at this a bit more realistically. One pound of fat weights exactly the same as one pound of muscle. Whoa, did I blow your mind? The real difference is the volume. One pound of muscle is visibly SMALLER than the same weight in fat. Not to mention, it’s smoother and more compact compared to the jiggling mass of fat. Which would you prefer hanging off your rear end? Muscle works harder FOR you than fat does. One pound of muscle will burn 50 calories a day, versus fat which only burns 4 calories a day. So the more fat you have, the more YOU have to work to burn calories.
So why bring all these super interesting facts to my blog? Well for one thing – the scale doesn’t measure ANYTHING! You’re biggest indicator of health is how your clothes fit and changes in your strength.” – re-blogged from http://jiggleymommy.blogspot.com/2011/04/pound.html

I did the photo merge on paint with the text 🙂 Pretty interesting huh? This should motivate y’all to keep going, even if you hit a plateau for the week! This image of fat vs muscle will forever be burned into my head.

Ok, I need to get to bed earlier tonight. I’m getting up early to workout since we have to go to his aunts wedding tomorrow around 11am.

Goodnight 🙂

I think I’m on to something…

So it’s almost time to get off and I had a slightly busy day. Just thinking of going walking now. I think I really like blogging 🙂 I hope y’all like reading as much as I like typing HAHA. So this girl at work has been walking a lot and she is the one who really got me motivated again. She is doing a run in New York! I wish I could go but I don’t have $500 right now. Well my husband is a runner, and he leaves me behind when we go to the park, so it kinda sucks going alone. No matter how much I tell myself I don’t need anyone, it’s still always nice to have a buddy there.

One of these days I want to a run somewhere…. not yet though! I need to lose some body weight first so I can actually feel lighter when I jog. It’s harder when you have extra weight holding you back. The same thing for Insanity. It’s super hard to do the workouts if you have big heavy legs and stomach. So I have to do modified moves. If you are really big, I do not suggest Insanity until you drop some weight first. It is not a beginners program! They tell you that on the video disclaimer too. A lot of the moves are very advanced.

My eating has gone great today. Found out that 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat…. they say in order to lose 1 pound a week to burn 500 more than you eat? Sounds hard!!! So if I eat 1,000 a day, I have to burn 1,500 a day??? Or am I missing something? LOL. http://www.fitwatch.com/qkcalc/tdcn.html here is a good calculator to use.

Well guys I will talk to y’all later tonight!


Ok, I expected to be super sore after last nights workout…. (Insanity Challenge) incase you are just tuning in, but I’m only a little sore. Today is day 3 and I actually can’t wait to get home to work out!!!!! WHAT??? Well last night I couldn’t sleep so I started day dreaming about our Dallas trip…. I so need to look good, no, I HAVE to look good for that week. If I can keep my energy up throughout the day, I am going walking at the park when I get off at 4pm. Then take a nap and get ready for Insanity with Richard when he gets home around 7pm.

So I had a gym membership to 24 hour fitness…. but it seems that the one I was going to is for in shape people only. When you see women like this in there….

This is how they look at the gym.

I want to say that although this is motivating…. it isn’t at the same time! Do you know how many years it will take to get close to looking like that…

My goal really is to lose the pounds of fat first. I have a lot of muscle underneath from all the years of sports, and it’s bugging the hell out of me that I know how I used to look before. I know this will make me happy. I control my happiness at this point. There is nothing anyone else can do to help me. Happiness starts on the inside and out, and I haven’t been happy for a long time.

I say now that enough is enough. Well let me get to work.

Supposed to say STRENGTH but you get what they meant LOL…

This A.M. of 8/14/12

Good morning! Here I am at work, just getting the day started. I actually did well this morning getting up after my first day of Insanity. I ate a cup of cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios) and a banana. Drinking lots of water again today, plus took my multi-vitamines. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get acid reflux pretty bad. I know it’s due to my weight gain, as is my back pain. I am almost 100% positive that losing this weight will cure my aches and pains. Just a little research I’ve done for a while now. For now though, no more tea or coffee for me 😦 That’s fine. It hurts to drink them without my pill (Laprozine) but I am trying to ween off meds.

Here is an eHow link if you are interested on a diet for acid reflux sufferers http://www.ehow.com/facts_4965537_should-eat-have-acid-reflux.html

So I have my 34oz glass of water by my desk, and I am listening to my country music blasting through my headset 😉 just trying to keep my mind off of food. I have to say that I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be today…. but tomorrow is a different story!

Quote #2

A Little motivation

Well, let me get back to work. I will be back after my workout 🙂 Have a great day!!!

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