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Happy New Year :)

Well y’all here it is 2013!! I’ve managed to reach my goal by my 30th 🙂 I’m happy with that and proud of myself!!! I can’t wait to get started with my diet and exercise routines again!! Spring is creeping up and I def need to look good if we are having our marriage convalidated 🙂 here’s some pics of me 🙂 I hope this New Year brings everyone joy and happiness!!! I will be bikini ready this summer!!!!!!!!! BET THAT!





Sona Medi-Slim

So hello 🙂 I went to my consultation at Sona today. I signed up for the Medi-Slim program!!!! I’m soooo excited to get started. I have blood work to do Monday. If you want info about it, it’s fully explained at http://www.sonamedspa.com and click Medi-Slim tab. To see really great results google Abby Memphis, TN radio station Medi-Slim. She lost 45lbs in 4 months and she’s keeping it off!! She’s training for a marathon right now!! I emailed her and she gave me great tips 🙂

My husband is excited for me too! This is a 6 month program. I go in every week for vitamin shots and weight ins!

Well TTY on Monday.

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