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I know, I know….

So I know I told y’all I’d post Monday but I am a very busy lady ok? I just wanted to update you with my progress on the Sona Medi-Slim program. Ok, so I think I love it 🙂 If I told y’all how much I lost you would just die. But go check out my weigh-ins page for that. Anyway I got my vita shot today and they make me feel better, I mean not like by a lot just a little. If I don’t eat breakfast I feel tired all day too… so I must make it a point to wake up earlier. It’s very strange because I have been getting plenty of sleep the past week and for some reason I am still so tired.

Anyway here are some pics to enjoy of our Dallas trip 😛

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I haven’t been working out but I have been walking some. I am going back to the gym tomorrow for sure. Friday I have a meeting with my consultant, so I am pretty excited. Well have a great week!


Better Late Than Never, But Never Late Is Better ;)

Good evening people of nikki8a blog. Tonight I waited for Richard (my husband) to get off so I had a workout buddy, less likely to cheat! I will do that the rest of the week. I’m excited because in a few weeks it’ll be his 26th birthday…. ahem… yup I’m older. I’ll be 30 this December -.- Anyway, I am excited because I am surprizing him with a trip to Dallas to take a VIP tour of the Cowboys stadium!! He has no idea 🙂 I’m going to tell him we are going to Six Flags, which we are, but then say “let drive up to see the stadium” then BAM! the tour will begin!! We will get to go on the field, and into the VIP areas, locker rooms of the players AND my favorite the DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS!! WOO! I used to be a cheerleader, so I am pumped. His birthday is September 11th btw. So wish him a happy one while remembering 9/11.

So, the workout went great! Although it was later than I hoped (10pm) we still pushed through it… he a little harder than I. But we did it 🙂 I ate really well today too! Took some Shakeology to work and fruit to snack on. I keep it all there in the fridge so I am not tempted and have no excuse to go get fast food. With this I will be trying to add stretching in the mornings, and try to go to our gym after work to walk an hour….. TRY!!

Saturday is his Aunts wedding, I wanted to wear this dress…. but looks like I will not fit into it like I wanted 😦 BUT YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Oh and I found out Super 8 Motel (besides the cheap rates) allow PETS!! So my doggies can come to Dallas too 😀

Thought this was funny!

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