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Periods SUCK! Period.

Hello all! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was enjoying my Labor Day. I hope everyone had a great weekend, as did I! We took the babies to the park yesterday to swim, they were so cute! They had a lot of fun, so did we. The park I go jogging at also has a doggie park for them to swim. It was the first time we went, and we are def going back!

I decided to post once a week because I am so busy and I really don’t have time. I was on my period last week 😦 I read that the week before and during your menstrual you retain more water so the weight doesn’t come off, you actually gain! So that explains my no loss that one week.  Well I did not work out Wednesday because I was feeling miserable from Ms. menstrual 😦 But I am happy to report I did great though! Here are my results from last week.

This is my result from the park! Hubby went with me and I actually jogged for a whole mile!! My knees are paying for it though. 8-31-12

We went during the hottest time! You can see how I cut across the last lap lol. 9-2-12

My bunny friend from the trail LOL. 9-2-12

Well as you can see I’ve been busy! I feel so great though, actually feel less lazy 🙂 I took more time off this last week but I think I made up for it from Thursday and Friday’s results. I am going to see a nutritionist on Saturday. I feel like I am not eating right, even though I think I’m eating healthy. This should boost my weight loss too.. ok gotta go! Be sure to check out my weekly weigh-in tab!

Next Monday I am doing a Nikki in the FLESH post for y’all to see my inches lost. Ok, g’night!



I’m gettin it!

Ok , so now I know! I have to increase the heart rate setting in order to burn more calories!! So, here are my results. Pretty awesome huh? Just imagine climbing a 125 story building stairs… that’s what I just did!!

I have to report on my overall wellbeing. I feel great. I have been weaning myself off of coffee and it feels good. I drink so much water and sweat so much in the gym. Before, when I used to work out, I used to not drink water all the time.. like, I’d go for months on just tea and sodas. I couldn’t break a sweat in the gym. But now I do and I love it! Just sweating out all those toxins.

I made turkey spaghetti tonight with tomato spinach sauce :p came out so good! I made the sauce homemade and idk if there has ever been a thing like it…. but I love it! I like to invent stuff lol… I used basil and oregano leaves (just a dash). I’ll add it to my recipes later. Well I have to go, I am going to do some browsing online for some cute stuff to inspire me.

So tonight….

Well I did what I said. I got off work, went to the store, then came home and got dressed to go walking! I did great, except it was soooo hot. Took me 48 minutes to walk 2 miles. I wear a sweat band around my waist and a sweat jacket. I usually bring water but today I didn’t so I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying something. Wish I did though, because the sun killed me. I burned 223 calories 🙂

When hubby got home I was nearly passed out on the sofa. He put on Insanity and I got up to do it. I did most of it, but felt so drained from the heat I had to just stop! I was hungry and getting a headache too because I didn’t eat enough calories today. Maybe I will eat something before I work out then a light little meal afterwards. At work I eat baby carrots, drink TONS of water… almost over 104oz a day! Plus it’s cool there because the owners are big health nuts and always eating healthy, so it inspires me. 2 of my co-workers are working out and dieting too, so I have people to keep me going. I think it’s a lot harder to do it alone. Especially when temptation is all around 24/7.

Heres the trail behind my apartment. Hardly any shade for 2 miles!

Gene Green Park

Oh! If you have a phone with apps, you have to download MapMyRun, I think it’s free. But it’s awesome because it will map your trail and you can save it to compare your times. If you have music playing a voice comes over it a little to tell you after each mile what your time was for that mile! You can save your calories burned, and calorie intake for the day. I love it 🙂

Right now I feel super tired. I baked some tilapia with corn for dinner. I feel a lot better now that I ate! But I can’t go to sleep until I watch my show Pretty Little Liars♥

My plan for tomorrow is to get up earlier (today I got up late) so I can have breakfast and get as many calories as I can. Trying to stay under 1500 right now until I increase my fitness activity level. Well goodnight people.

You can do this!

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