Recipes by: Nikki

Here is a list of good things I make, my way.

Turkey Burgers:

– 3lbs Honey Suckle Ground White Turkey (if you want just buy the already made patties) I buy the 3lbs so I can have some for later, I divide it up and freeze it.

– Any Seasoning you like (I use Tony Chacheries Creole)

– Vegetable Spray for the pan.

Lightly spray pan and set it on medium heat. While its heating up take a handful of ground turkey, I usually eyeball it because my husband like his to be thicker, so I don’t care about measuring. Anyway, mash it up with your hands (like balling it up), flatten it out in your palms and place it in the hot pan. Sprinkle the seasoning on one side. Let one side cook for about 1 – 1/2 mins and flip. Repeat this step until fully cooked. You cannot let the turkey sit like ground beef because it burns quicker! Since it doesn’t have natural fat grease it’s harder to keep from sticking. So that is what the spray is used for!

After you are done, the meat should be white in the center. I use a knife and a fork to poke it open a little in the center to see if it’s done before taking it out. Place it on a plate, add cheese, and then add the toppings you desire! I like to put romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, pickles, avocado slices, on a whole wheat bun.


Turkey Burger


Sparkling Lemonaid:

If you are craving soda and don’t want to give in, satisfy your cravings with this drink I invented!

– 1 bottle of Pierre Water

– Liquid Stevia (can buy at Kroger)

– 1 Large Lemon

Get any glass you want, doesn’t matter the size. I recommend a tall 16oz glass. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze one whole half into the glass (use more lemon depending on size of glass). Cut the other half into thin slices. Next add a few ice cubes. Pour Pierre water into the glass and use a straw to stir. Put drops of stevia to taste (depends on how sweet you like it). I use this because it is a natural sweetener. Add the lemon slices into it and stir a little more.  *Remember a little stevia goes a long way!

Great to satisfy your craving!


Strawberry Spinach Salad:

I actually got this recipe from a co-worker. She made some and let me taste it at work… it’s super easy. Here’s what you’ll need….

– 1 Bag of Spinach leaves (already washed)

– 1 Purple Onion (any size)

– 1 Bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar

– 1 Box of Strawberries

– 1 small bag of Sliced Almonds

– 1 small bag of Turkey Bacon bits

– 1 small bottle of Natural Honey

First slice the onion in half and chop up only half into little pieces. Place them into a Tupperware that has a cover. Next pour about 1 cup of vinegar (2 cups depending on if you want some for later) into the Tupperware. Add honey after that, I squeeze a lot. But to give you an exact measurement I would say 1/4 to 3/4 cups of honey. Use a fork and mix it up. Place the lid on it and put it in the fridge. It’s better to let it sit for a day so it will thicken and the onion with sorta dissolve tuning it a purple color. But you don’t have to.

Grab as many strawberries as you want and slice them long ways. Put a handful of spinach in a bowl and throw the strawberries on top. Add almonds, and bacon bits. When your vinaigrette is ready, pour some on and viola! Enjoy!

I made baked chicken on the side!


Turkey and Spinach Spaghetti:

Sound interesting? Well I made it up sorta. If there is something like it, oh well great minds think alike! Here’s what you need…

– 1 box Whole Wheat spaghetti Noodles

– 1 pound of Ground Turkey

– 2 cans of Tomato Sauce (the small ones)

– 1 can of Pop-Eye Spinach (you can do fresh if time isn’t an issue, but it has to be boiled before hand to soften it)

– Basil Leaves, Oregano Leaves, and Garlic Salt

Boil the noodles until soft. At the same time put water in the bottom of a large pan (maybe about 1.2 cup water) then add the turkey meat to let it boil. Make sure you stir both noodles and meat occasionally so it won’t burn on one side. lightly season the meat with garlic salt. Next open the cans of tomato sauce and put in a medium size pot, add basil, oregano, and garlic salt and bring to a boil. stir it constantly so the flavor of the seasonings are blended enough. Add the spinach to the sauce and stir until very blended. You may have to use a knife to cut the spinach a little. Drain and wash noodles, then drain turkey meat, add noodles to a plate, then some meat, and top it with the spinach sauce! Enjoy!

Doesn’t look too colorful.. but it tastes amazing! Very healthy.


Avocado Stuffed Chicken:

Super easy! Here’s what you’ll need….

– 3 large to medium size Chicken Breast

– Spinach leaves (fresh)

– 1 large Avocado

– 1 bunch Cilantro

– 1 bag mozzarella Shredded Cheese

– vegetable Cooking Spray

– Oregano leaves

– Tony Chacheries

– Meat Beater/ Tenderizer/ Mallet

Ok, I saw this lady do it and she stuffed hers different. Pre heat oven to 350, spray down a flat baking pan with vegetable spray oil. Take your chicken and a sharp knife and slice the chicken in half. So now you should have 6 pieces of breast just thinner. Take your meat beater and use the FLAT side, not the spiky side, to beat the chicken pieces flat and thinner BE GENTLE SO IT WON’T TEAR. Next, slice up the avocado into 6 slices (out of a half) of the avocado. Place that in the center of each chicken (you can do them one at a time). Sprinkle Tony’s on top. Next add 2 to 3 spinach leaves on top long ways. Add cilantro leaves (picked off of the stem), doesn’t matter how much. Sprinkle about 2tbs cheese on top of that. Now you are ready to roll the chicken. Roll from closest to you to the back, while doing so grab avocado and other things and tuck under as you roll. Place the flap part down on the pan so it won’t open. Do that until you are done. Finally sprinkle more Tony’s on top and some oregano. Make sure you only leave it for about 15 to 20 mins, as the chicken is very thin and will cook FAST! Don’t let it over cook or it’ll be dry.

Now, you can add as much cheese as you want, this is just for a diet. Also, to make less just use 1 or 2 chickens. I cook for 2 so I used more. Mine were smaller sizes, I give hubby the bigger pieces!

This is great too because you have eaten you side IN the roll! Enjoy!

After prepped and before putting in oven. Yes my pan is old but it still works 🙂

The inside after it’s done! MMM MMM!


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