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Starting Over, Again

How many times will I do this to myself before enough is enough? Apparantly I didn’t learn my lesson from the last times. I just need that drive to stay on top of my game and stay focused on my life goal, losing weight and keeping it off! They always say, if you want it you’ll do it, get it, and keep it. Well, to me, that’s easier said than done! I’ve wanted it so badly before that I did do it, got it, but didn’t keep it. I got lazy thinking I was good. I lost 40 pounds. My biggest personal accomplishment I think I’ve ever achieved as far as staying head strong. 

I was supposed to start in January so I could fit into a beautiful wedding dress by now. Our convalidation is March 21st and I’m still a huge cow. You’d think I would have been motivated! Why wasn’t I? I have the answer. Because I keep saying “tomorrow”. I’m going back and forth being comfortable at a size 18, to hating myself. It’s not healthy! Let’s see what tomorrow brings THIS time. We are going to the gym, and my husband is supposed to help support this life change with me. 

Wish me luck!

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