IsAgenix Day 1

This morning I started with day 1 of the 9 day cleanse (11 days to be exact). You start off with 2 days of shake prep first before you start the actual cleanse.
I feel OK at the moment. I did feel like after I drank my shake this morning I was less hungry and now don’t feel hungry at all. Drinking a lot of water today. At least a gallon.
I’m going to include yard work and stretching as part of my workout for the day. I’ve been eating nothing but junk the passed few months (well years) and I have been super lazy!
I know my size is my fault. But I am here to change that. This time FOR GOOD!

I’m really excited about this cleanse because it gives you the option to have a 400cal low-glycemic meal, or a shake for lunch! Also, comes with everything you need.
I’ll be tracking my progress and struggles. Happy cleansing!



About nikki8a

Howdy! I'm a very honest person and I hate liars... I like to have fun and act silly every now and again. This blog is for inspiration, motivation, and my thoughts about random things. I'm currently struggling with weight loss, have been for almost 5 years now. Was always a very fit individual, but then college, work, and bad eating habbits happend. I hope to inspire people who are going through the same things I am. I'm open to advice as well! Tell your friends about me.... Thanks for reading♥

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