Well Hello :)

Sorry to my followers, I know I haven’t been a good role model lately! But you know… I was taking a “break” from being good 😉 Well I gained about 8 pounds back since November… (I cheated A LOT). BUT I am shedding it off again!

Hubby and I got a gym membership and have been going early mornings since last Friday! It feels great…

I recently went Vegan, so I am eating a lot more healthy and I’ve noticed my stomach doesn’t hurt like it used to! I guess since I don’t have rotting meat sitting in my intestines anymore LOL!!!

I’m going to do a detox starting next Monday. Just a 3 day cleanse to remove all toxins. I have a juicer, and it’s super easy to do! I like to juice celery, spinach, carrot, a little ginger, half a tomato, and some lemon juice. It’s super good!

I’m also going to buy some stuff for hubby to get ripped 😉 He’s dedicated when he starts something so I’m so excited to see our beach bodies by summer time♥ I have been cooking really healthy too!

We have a little competition going on, whoever loses the most body fat and weight by the end of the month gets $100 to spend on whatever we want 🙂

Ok until next time, stay healthy my friends!!!!!!



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About nikki8a

Howdy! I'm a very honest person and I hate liars... I like to have fun and act silly every now and again. This blog is for inspiration, motivation, and my thoughts about random things. I'm currently struggling with weight loss, have been for almost 5 years now. Was always a very fit individual, but then college, work, and bad eating habbits happend. I hope to inspire people who are going through the same things I am. I'm open to advice as well! Tell your friends about me.... Thanks for reading♥

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