Starting Over, Again

How many times will I do this to myself before enough is enough? Apparantly I didn’t learn my lesson from the last times. I just need that drive to stay on top of my game and stay focused on my life goal, losing weight and keeping it off! They always say, if you want it you’ll do it, get it, and keep it. Well, to me, that’s easier said than done! I’ve wanted it so badly before that I did do it, got it, but didn’t keep it. I got lazy thinking I was good. I lost 40 pounds. My biggest personal accomplishment I think I’ve ever achieved as far as staying head strong. 

I was supposed to start in January so I could fit into a beautiful wedding dress by now. Our convalidation is March 21st and I’m still a huge cow. You’d think I would have been motivated! Why wasn’t I? I have the answer. Because I keep saying “tomorrow”. I’m going back and forth being comfortable at a size 18, to hating myself. It’s not healthy! Let’s see what tomorrow brings THIS time. We are going to the gym, and my husband is supposed to help support this life change with me. 

Wish me luck!


IsAgenix Day 2

Ok, yesterday I messed up big time! I thought I read 1 scoop of shake to 8oz… when really it’s 2 scoops for 8oz! I felt so hungry yesterday 😦
I had a shake for breakfast, and a market salad from Chick-fil-a, then later I was still hungry and had a sandwich!

Instead of “starting over”, I did the shake the correct way this morning! I felt so much better and have energy!! Didn’t crave coffee like yesterday.
I also feel like I am being “cleaned out”, and my stomach is feeling happier.

My old routine, I wouldn’t eat breakfast only coffee… maybe 4 big cups. Have a huge lunch, feel bloated and tired. Then have a greasy dinner.
I’ve packed on a lot of pounds this past few years.

Next week I start my workouts once I get the hang of the drinks and cleanse!

cant rain foreveraa

IsAgenix Day 1

This morning I started with day 1 of the 9 day cleanse (11 days to be exact). You start off with 2 days of shake prep first before you start the actual cleanse.
I feel OK at the moment. I did feel like after I drank my shake this morning I was less hungry and now don’t feel hungry at all. Drinking a lot of water today. At least a gallon.
I’m going to include yard work and stretching as part of my workout for the day. I’ve been eating nothing but junk the passed few months (well years) and I have been super lazy!
I know my size is my fault. But I am here to change that. This time FOR GOOD!

I’m really excited about this cleanse because it gives you the option to have a 400cal low-glycemic meal, or a shake for lunch! Also, comes with everything you need.
I’ll be tracking my progress and struggles. Happy cleansing!


Uh oh!!! Look who’s baaaack!!!

Hey, so I have really bad news… after I lost the 45 pounds, 2 years passed and I’m back where I started. Why you ask? Because for some reason, I stopped caring about myself again. Sad, I know. But I was happy while it lasted. I’m back now to share a new health program I started called IsAgenix. You may have heard of it, or not, but it’s an all natural meal replacement program! I just got my 9 day deep clean detox in!! I’m getting started Sunday. Yeah I know, why wait? Because I promised my husband we’d go to Twin Peaks for the ice cold beer! I’m really looking forward to clean eating again, working out, and using my new tools to keep me on track!! Still no kids yet, but we’ve added 4 more dogs to the bunch 😊 I’ll post their pics when I get to work. It’s hard to do anything from an iPad. I need the mouse lol.

I’m not sure who is still following my blog. But I’m not posting or sharing this to my Facebook until I’ve successfully completed my 9 day challenge!

This is the 9 day challenge pack! Pretty awesome pack… Super excited!!!

Exited to start and get clean!!

Exited to start and get clean!!

Monday Shmonday

Well here I am again….. for some reason I cannot get myself motivated again! Today is the start of day 1 for me. I have an orientation to go to tonight for this second job I’m taking on for a while. Just to pay off some credit cards and save for a down payment on a house! I think it’s all the stress of life that is getting to me. I’ve been feeling really tired lately too, and I think it’s because of my diet and lack of exercise. We are getting back in the gym starting tomorrow though… no exceptions 😉

I really want to sign up for hot yoga still, but I am worried about my schedule for the night job. I know I will be getting off late, but I hope the money is with the loss of sleep! If not I can alway put in my 2 weeks and let someone who really needs the job have it!

Well I better get to work before boss lady gets here! Have a great week everyone!!!

Well Hello :)

Sorry to my followers, I know I haven’t been a good role model lately! But you know… I was taking a “break” from being good 😉 Well I gained about 8 pounds back since November… (I cheated A LOT). BUT I am shedding it off again!

Hubby and I got a gym membership and have been going early mornings since last Friday! It feels great…

I recently went Vegan, so I am eating a lot more healthy and I’ve noticed my stomach doesn’t hurt like it used to! I guess since I don’t have rotting meat sitting in my intestines anymore LOL!!!

I’m going to do a detox starting next Monday. Just a 3 day cleanse to remove all toxins. I have a juicer, and it’s super easy to do! I like to juice celery, spinach, carrot, a little ginger, half a tomato, and some lemon juice. It’s super good!

I’m also going to buy some stuff for hubby to get ripped 😉 He’s dedicated when he starts something so I’m so excited to see our beach bodies by summer time♥ I have been cooking really healthy too!

We have a little competition going on, whoever loses the most body fat and weight by the end of the month gets $100 to spend on whatever we want 🙂

Ok until next time, stay healthy my friends!!!!!!


Work Out Day!!

Ok y’all… I cheated again 😦 I swear that today is the day I get my butt out to the track!!!!! No excuses. I do have something to do after work, but I will get there today 🙂 Even just doing something at home… I want a cute body by July!!!

So I will be doing lifts, crunches, squats, and up downs. Wish me luck!!!!

Holiday Hump is GONE!

Ok y’all so it’s been a while since I posted anything up lately.. I just wanted to say that my Holiday Hump is OVER!! Today I am back on track and sticking to it until I’m at my goal 🙂 It took about 3 months to lose 40 pounds last time, so I am predicting by mid April I will be at my goal!

I have gained about 4 pounds back in a little over a month 😦 But I am happy with that since I have been cheating super bad!!!! I’m talking fast food, cakes, mexican foods… yeah those things will get ya!

Today I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, I will fast for lunch since I need to clear my system. I will drink water all day. Then hen I get home around 4:30pm I will make an omelete, prepare my meals for tomorrow, then work out at around 6pm. Since It’s cold and rainy here, I will be doing one of my So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) videos! They are pretty fun 🙂 Now that I am 40 pounds lighter this should go a lot smoother LOL!

My husband is going to start his weight lifting program too! He wants to lose weight and bulk up. So, today I will research a plan for him 🙂

Happy New Year :)

Well y’all here it is 2013!! I’ve managed to reach my goal by my 30th 🙂 I’m happy with that and proud of myself!!! I can’t wait to get started with my diet and exercise routines again!! Spring is creeping up and I def need to look good if we are having our marriage convalidated 🙂 here’s some pics of me 🙂 I hope this New Year brings everyone joy and happiness!!! I will be bikini ready this summer!!!!!!!!! BET THAT!




Update on me since no one cares!

Ok I’m doing good! I’m 179 and have been stuck for a few weeks due to cheating :/ but I didn’t gain so that’s a plus. Here’s some pics of me 🙂 ok well I have to go to church. Have a blessed day.



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